Media Boost Program

Give your product the media boost it needs to build brand momentum. Beauty Results PR kick starts the media relationship with speed introductions and fast results—getting people talking about your product sooner than later.

To help build your brand and relationships with media that matter, we will develop key product pitches, trend angles, ingredient stories and expert commentary pitches over three months to build a solid foundation in the beginning phases of your brand. Not only will this outreach cultivate media relationships, the Media Boost Program also contributes toward building your social media program.

For three months, we hand select the top 25 beauty magazine editors, top 50 beauty bloggers, top morning and afternoon show producers, top industry publications, and top 25 beauty print editors and introduce your product to these media influencers. As part of this program, Beauty Results PR will write, set up and host a media-specific online presskit to help drive the introductions. During this introduction program, we also monitor the daily media query sources and identify any key opportunities for your brand or expert commentary.

This quick outreach serves as a buzz building stepping stone to help to support your retail distribution as when we have media wins, the success can be repurposed and shared with your prospects and your consumer followers—further establishing your brand and creating interest in your products. Once you secure key retail distribution, you evolve into the next level media outreach.